Where do you write?

Reading a recent article about the proposed preservation of Roald Dahl’s writing hut, made me start to think about where writers write.

Myself, I write in an office, which is really just the front bedroom of my house.  It’s a combined writing and sewing room, but as I only moved into this house two months ago, and have been busy on a deadline, it’s not quite unpacked yet.

Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of writing in a cramped, isolated and probably cold hut doesn’t appeal, but apparently some writers crave the solitude and simplicity of a writer’s hut.

Roald Dahl's writing hut, named "The Gipsy House"

Still, one could probably make a tidy business building and fitting out writing huts. Los Angeles would be a good place to do this. Lots of screenwriters.  Also the climate there would mean less effort required in heating and insulating said huts, although you would want to have them seismically sound. Nothing interferes with the creative process more than sliding, hut and all, down the side of Laurel Canyon. These days writing huts would need power, for computers, and internet connection for research, maybe a built in coffee maker? A sound system? Massage chair?  The possibilities are endless.

Pre-made garden huts or sheds are readily available.  This example could be cute, I suppose, but for the money, you could just send the family out to the movies every time you wanted to write, and work in the house.

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