Secular Books for Children

I came across this list on Amazon : Secular Books for Children.

Why is it that lists like these almost always contain nothing but books written with the same smarmy sincerity as sex-ed books from the 1980s? Where is the quality? The humor? The fun? Secularism is a pretty wide open field after all.

I suppose what I’m looking for is “Books for secular children” rather than “Secular books for children”. Then again, isn’t it true that if a book is not specifically religious, it’s secular? Therefore The Cat in the Hat could be considered a secular book, as could Where the Wild Things Are.

I think I’m struggling with the idea of attempting to intentionally indoctrinate children with “secular” books (books about secularism). As a parent, I prefer to let my child explore the world of science and story-telling unfettered. And I don’t care for preachy books, no matter what they preach.




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