The Dangers of Writing

Aaron Sorkin Breaks his Nose While Writing – The Hollywood Reporter.

I’m saddened by the news of Aaron Sorkin’s violent brush with himself. What I wouldn’t give to clap eyes on the page of dialog he was reading when he felt the urge to headbutt his own reflection.

Writing is a dangerous game. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Here’s a list of five ways writers can be injured in the course of their work:

  1. In all seriousness, writers are often arrested, jailed or even killed for what they write. This rarely happens in the west, but it’s enough of a risk for most major publishers and production companies to have a full legal staff just to attend to the content of their products
  2. Repetitive strain injury is a given. Your fingers will be and SHOULD be sore.
  3. Research related injuries are common. Once a library book fell from the top shelf onto my foot. I was limping for a week.
  4. Alcohol related brain damage. No joke, of course, but writers DO tend to be more fond of the demon drink than ordinary citizens.
  5. Paper cuts.

Oh, and of course, now thanks to Mr Sorkin we have:

6.Broken noses from fighting with your own reflection

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