Random Title Generator

Thank you again, YAHighway for pointing me to this awesomely hilarious Random Title Generator.

Here are a few choice titles it came up with for me:

The Worlds of Nothing – clearly dystopian, possibly nihilistic sci-fi? Also slightly reminiscent of The Never-Ending Story

Bare Bride – Christian erotica?  After all, a bride IS married.

Blade of the Mage – fantasy, obviously. I challenge any writer to write a book with “mage” in the title and have it NOT be fantasy.

Absent Wind – a self help manual for IBS sufferers.

Moons in the Door – kind of a frat house thing. Like a precursor to a panty raid? However Doors in the Moon is pretty evocative. A sci-fi mystery? I might just write that down.

Husband in the Snake – ??? Sorry, I got nothing.

Enough, enough already. If you’d like to know more about what I think of titles, see my article on the subject at scriptfly.com.

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