Jeyn Roberts – DARK INSIDE

Jeyn with her book DARK INSIDE

Speaking of dark YA books, I met Jeyn Roberts last night at the Vancouver book launch for her first novel DARK INSIDESince Jeyn lives in Vancouver, it was a fun launch populated by her friends and family, who asked jokey questions and praised the book and Jeyn in general. Fun atmosphere!

Many of the attending, being close to Jeyn had already read the manuscript. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m going to try to get to it soon. I now have my very own autographed copy. Stay tuned for a review later this month.

There were many comments at the reading,  about how scary the book was, and the reviews (like this one) seem to agree. Is dark YA always scary?  Or is it just sometimes very bleak? Or violent?

I think I prefer bleak books to scary ones, but I do love a little excessive violence (can you have a little excessive violence?).


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