Shameless Plugs, Agents, Publishers, Verse Novels and One Very Tolerant Husband

Just wanted to plug a few wonderful people and things. First of all, Kris Rothstein and the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency. I had a great lunch with Kris today and she doesn’t seem to mind at all that I am completely bonkers.

Secondly, a shout out to Carrie Gleason at Lorimer Books, who always answers my emails within 24 hours, often within 24 minutes.

Sorry deary!

Thirdly, lets hear it for novels in verse, especially those written for young adults and kids. Want some great examples?

GreenBean TeenQueen gives some great suggestions.

Here’s another list from Connected Youth.

Lisa Schroeder waxes poetic about verse novels on Sara Crowe’s blog.

Read in a Single Sitting properly describes verse novels for teens as books that you can, guess what, read in a single sitting.

Finally Good Reads gives an extensive list.

If Google hits are anything to go by, librarians are particularly enamored of YA and children’s verse novels, and why not? They typically have a lowish word count and for some reason, are easier to digest for teens who aren’t superstar readers. It’s a strange irony; the same teens who would tremble in fear about reading “poetry”, seem to be devouring verse novels with great gusto

Finally special thanks go to my husband who didn’t get mad when the state of my overly excited NaNo-addled brain caused me to ding his car, while mine was in the shop.

35,118 words, an agent contract, a dented car. What a weird day.

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