Terrific Teen Tuesday AND Giveaway

I get a fair bit of flack in my defense of teens (check out the comments on this post for example). In particular, I get into trouble when I suggest that many of them should probably quit school and start their lives. I have good reasons for feeling the way I do, though. I have met over the years, some extraordinary teens, from the kid who played the oldest brother in my movie (he was 13) to one of my students who had written several full length novels by the time she was 12 (she’s now 17 and still writing), to my cousin, who left school at fifteen, became an apprentice cabinet maker, had his own business by 17, bought a home when he was 19, and is now having the time of his life teaching snowboarding in winter and making bookshelves in summer (he’s now 27).

Many of us write and read about extraordinary teens, but I’ve decided to celebrate a real extraordinary teen every week, until further notice. Since I’ve got building on the brain, due to renovating my house I’m going to go with this kid (I will only be providing links on most cases to protect the privacy of these minors), who is building his own house. He says he’s going to college, but the idea of him rotting away in English 100 makes me want to cry into my coffee. Oh well.

Now, I realise I am not that good at giveaways. For starters, two weeks ago I promised to giveaway Little Joe by Sandra Neil Wallace. The winner of this giveaway is clarbojahn! Thanks for your support Clar! I’ll email you for your address.

Next, I signed up for this Giveaway Hop and I haven’t given away a thing! How completely confunded of me. So to make up for my various failures, I’m going to giveaway three hi/lo sports books.

One CAMP ALL-STAR by Michael Coldwell: When Jeff Lang lands in Halifax for summer basketball camp, he’s ready for red-hot, pumped-up, on-court action. Above all he wants to impress the coaches and make the all-star team. Soon, however, he’s confronted with bizarre roommates, science nerds, and tough rivals determined block him hard at every turn. Struggling to the top proves much tougher than he had imagined. Camp All-Star is a funny, high-spirited adventure packed with fast-paced basketball action. [Fry Reading Level – 4.5]

Two, GRAVITY CHECK, by Alex Van Tol: Finding weed in the woods turns out to be a giant buzz-kill. Jamie is determined that nothing—not even his annoyingly popular younger brother Seth—is going to spoil his fun at a mountain biking camp in the backcountry. Nothing but stumbling on a giant grow-op in the woods, that is. And watching their fellow campers get captured by violent drug dealers. And working with Seth to figure out a way to save them without getting caught themselves. (age 12+, reading level grade 3)

Three, yes, I am going to offer a copy of my book WICKET SEASON, although the winner will have to wait until I get some copies myself!

In Winnipeg, Harry was a cricket star. With few West Indians in the community and few people who played the sport, he always stood out from the crowd. But when he moves to Toronto’s Little Jamaica to stay with his grandfather, Harry is suddenly just another West Indian kid who loves cricket. There are even girls who are more talented than him. Harry is determined to make the cricket team at his new school, but he’ll really have to step up his game. To prove his commitment to the sport, he volunteers to coach Kanga cricket – cricket for beginners, akin to little league baseball. At first, all he wants to do is impress the coach. But soon, Harry realizes that being a part of a bigger community can be more rewarding than standing out on your own. (age 10-13, reading grade 3)

So, three books, three winners. To enter simply comment and follow me (either here or on Twitter@GabrielleSaraP, let me know which). Phew. Now I feel better.

9 thoughts on “Terrific Teen Tuesday AND Giveaway

  1. I wish your nephew lived near me! We moved into a new house a few months ago and it has no built in bookshelves. Most of my books are in boxes until I can get some built. *sigh* The separation is terrible.

  2. Add me to the list! Left school halfway through grade nine…couldn’t take the boredom and what-I-couldn’t-yet-name anymore. Highschool is a place created for only a few individuals. It’s a place that breeds anger and shuts down the abilities to create…and if it doesn’t succeed in shutting them down, it effectively boxes. It makes goal-setting and achieving and the attaining of grades seem significant. Funny how this then renders life meaningless and worthless. Day-to-day, it’s what we do, and what we put into it, that gives the whole shape and meaning and worth. This is not the approach in our school system.
    Sorry if otherwise-intelligent folks are giving you flack, Gabrielle!!

  3. LOve this post as this is a subject dear to my heart. I love teens and managed a youth-at-risk employment program for 5 years. They are the most misunderstood beings on this earth, many the product of our school system that does not cater to the creative souls. (In fact often condems them) Then there is my son who left school at 15 and is now a wonderful Dad to 4 children, supervises a 20 person construction crew, owns his own home and plays in a band on weekends. They (the tecahers) said he would never amount to much.
    I would love to win your book.

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