Road Trip Wednesday and This Month’s Reading Pile brought to you by A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday asks this week: Describe your dream writing retreat. Where would you go? Who and what would you bring?

My answer may be surprising. I would step into my office, which is messy and disorganized, painted odd colors, piled with clutter and renovation and craft supplies, variously too hot or too cold, with a sketchy internet connection and a MAC keyboard that drives me mental. I would bring coffee during the day and red wine at night and there WOULD BE NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH.

See how I did that? The last part is the most important. See I’m a misanthrope; anywhere there isn’t anyone else is where I want to be. Do you know what the most frightening sound in the world is? No, not an air raid siren, not thunder, not the sound of an unringing phone. NO, it’s a seven year old girl yelling “MAMA!!!” from another room, when you’re trying to write. Especially when said seven year old’s FATHER is in the same room with her.

Frankly it doesn’t need to be my familiar office. It could be anyone’s office, as long as they weren’t home. I will allow for household staff. The lady who cleans my house now sneaks into my office to vacuum while I’m in the shower. I never even see her, she’s that sneaky. That’s OK by me. Just make the yelling stop. Please.

So I had big plans for reading this past holiday season. Normally I get through a book a day after Christmas, because I mostly read books for young readers, and I read fast. HOWEVER, I made the mistake of downloading A Dance with Dragons which is 1040 pages by the way, onto my Kobo and I only just reached the last chapter. As a result, this is what my reading pile looks like:

The right hand pile I own, so many might become giveaways later. The left hand pile are all borrowed, sorry. Did I really borrow TEN books from the library? Just stayed up all night read STOLEN by Lucy Christopher. Great book, but I feel a bit…skeevy.

10 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday and This Month’s Reading Pile brought to you by A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

  1. I’m with you totally on the office, but I can’t do without there being some signs of life around. I want peace when I write (except for some white noise to focus my attention and keep other noises out), but when I want a break, I like having people to interact with.

  2. I think quiet is the crux of most peoples’ responses so far. It’s definitely the crux of mine! And I totally feel you on feeling skeevy after reading STOLEN. In a weird way, I sort of wanted her to like Ty–even if it does make me a terrible, awful person, lol.

  3. I’m having a similar library book overload problem – but it’s a high class problem. 🙂

    I like to write alone also, but I think a writers retreat would suit me too. As long as people weren’t too chatty…

  4. Alright. This is a no shame begging. If you ever give those books away, I am claiming (already) THE UNWANTED and PETER NIMBLE 😀
    I’ve been dreaming about going on a writing retreat some day with writer friends. I think as long as it happens somewhere other than the Arizona desert I would be happy. 🙂 Oh and quiet plenty of quiet to write.

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