Fun with Captchas and GIVEAWAY

So I’ve been collecting “Captchas”. You know, those odd strings of letters you have to type in to confirm you’re a human being commenting on a blog and not a bot? The first captchas I remember were a combination of two words, in blurry random fonts.

Some are just random string of letters and numbers. But my favorites are ones that almost seem like words.

I’ve been hitting the blogs pretty hard the past few months, so I’ve managed to collect a lot of them. Frankly I think captchas are a treasure trove for fantasy and sci-fi writers, so I thought I’d share my list and let you in on some ways I think these not-quite-words might fit in to past or future books.

Subberch – Subberch is actually pronounced “SUB-erk” and it’s like a suburb, but for zombies and other dead things. Possibly where Bella and Edward end up living?

Dersti– Dersti needs to be a character in THE HUNGER GAMES. Maybe a former tribute from District 7 or something. Possibly a boy.

Catenest – Speaking of THE HUNGER GAMES, this is obviously an alternate spelling of Katniss.

Ablecti – Ablecti is the other tribute from District 7. She buys it early in the games when someone trips her and she lands face first into a patch of magic mushrooms. After running naked and giggling through the forest for two days, she dies of heart failure.

Mistrapr – Mistrapr is, of course, a dangerous enchanted forest in LOTR.

Ancha – The name of someone’s dog. A friend to Manchee (warning, spoilers on link) maybe.

Moundles – A small race of people, who live underground on a planet visited by Arthur Dent.


Perser – This has to be the name of a YA Paranormal heroine. She’s an ordinary high school sophomore who discovers her kiss turns boys into trolls. I’m telling you, troll-love is the next big thing.

Hazoy – This is the one boy who survives Perser’s kiss, because he’s half troll already. Of course Perser thinks he’s vile.

Shizeshi – This is one of my favorites. It has to be a name, high fantasy I think, with an Oriental twist. Princess Shizeshi and she’s kick-ass. Like Mulan only with more sex.

Quaven – Another name. I’m thinking “Ser Quaven” in Game of Thrones. He’s a Lannister and a bit of a dick. Jon Snow offs him.

Mingtoo – Another friend for Manchee, but a cat this time.

Glycra – This substance, which worn perfects your body through gradual genetic manipulation, is widely used in UGLIES and possibly also in THE HUNGER GAMES, but only in the Capitol.

Waxerlit – a type of very verbose written propaganda designed more to bore and sedate than actually propagandize. Used in NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR and maybe BRAVE NEW WORLD.

I’m promised myself I stop at a page, because honestly, I could go on forever. Just for fun I’ll include the rest of the list I’ve compiled. Add your own definitions if you dare in a comment. The best one will get a copy of my book WICKET SEASON.

Here they are: Conesos; Pecom; Ficedair; Oddiem; Neumoed; Pedusith; Peredsi; Pordne; Nessetar; Tintexc; Summin; Pested; CocoupirSyral; Peleatin; Pholl; Deardis 

4 thoughts on “Fun with Captchas and GIVEAWAY

  1. Tintexc: a fictional building company that mainly designs futuristic technology (hoverboards, mind- readers, etc.)

  2. Excellent post — you could also look at the spines of encyclopedias (each volume goes from one word to another) for interesting names…

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