Terrific Teen Tuesday – Big Brother Rocks

This from Huffington Post via Kristen’s Wolfe’s blog, www.sweetupndown.tumblr.com.is actually kind of a sad story. I feel for these boys with their narrow-minded dad.

But what a terrific big brother. Just goes to show that sometimes the son has things to teach the father too. I hope they didn’t have a fist fight that night. Nevertheless this story inspires me. This is what our young men should aspire to be – strong and brave, yes, but also fair and dignified. Don’t tell me just because he’s underage, this kid is not ready to vote, to contribute to society and be a man. He’s more ready than his dad, clearly.

Customer who defended his little brother…you’re my Terrific Teen of the Week!

I don’t have much to add to this story. So here’s a song instead (warning explicit lyrics):

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