Bookpile: The Revenge

So I showed you all my book pile last week. You’ll be happy to know it’s smaller by six books!

Here’s the tweet-down:

@AGSmith_Author LOCKDOWN:ESCAPE FROM FURNACE was so f-ing good. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Dark, wild and unputdownable!!!

EVERMORE by @alysonnoel Pretty hard to put down, towards the end especially. High School+mystery+magic+hot guy+angst=fun read!

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by @bethrevis. Took a few chapters but crept up on me. Turned into a real page turner. Nice duel POV. YA+scifi=YES!

GIRL PARTS by @johnmcusick. Yes, oh yes. Funny, sweet and sexy. A rare instance where omniscient POV is not annoying. YA+male authors=win.

DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver…not so much. This felt like a premise in search of a plot. Lots of description, a tepid romance…meh

@LucyCAuthor Just stayed up all night reading STOLEN. Wow, just , wow.

Holy crap STOLEN by Lucy Christopher. What a great book. I’ve been up all night.

So, it’s been quite a week. Stay tuned for next week, wherein I have eye surgery to correct the damage done by so much reading.

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