Terrific Teen Tuesday – Go Tucson Teens! Stop Censorship!

To be honest, people have been tweeting about Bill HB 2281 for a couple of days now, and I’ve been ignoring it. So many crazy things happen in the USA these days with the various political loop-dee-loops on the rampage that it’s hard to take anything too seriously. But I caught a detail from this story that I couldn’t look away from. You hear about it in the beginning of the below video, but here’s the gist:

DURING CLASS, with Mexican-American and other kids at their desks, officials came INTO THE CLASS and proceeded to PACK UP AND REMOVE THEIR TEXTBOOKS!!! In front of the kids! Because the books had been outlawed?!




I’m so freaked out right now I can’t think of what to say.

Watch the video. If I had a vote in the USA I’d vote to remove ALL the morons in government and replace them with these high school students. You kids are definitely terrific.

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