Road Trip Wednesday – January Books

For this week’s Road Trip Wednesday,  YA Highway asks what was our favorite book to read in January. Well, I’ve had quite the month. Including finishing A DANCE WITH DRAGONS I have read 20 books.

The book-tweets are below, but I have the say the winner is BOY TOY by Barry Lyga. This book completely slayed me. I actually had a three day reading break after finishing it I was so messed up. Please for the love of everything, read this book.

My least favorite would have to be, disappointingly THERE IS NO DOG by Meg Rosoff. Read why here.

Phew. What a month!

@NealShusterman BRUISER. Sigh…loved the multiple POV, the verse chapters, the premise, the characters. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

@VeronicaRoth DIVERGENT Cool world building, sweet romance, wild action, crazy climax. Something for everyone. I dug it.

#fridayreads THERE IS NO DOG by @megrosoff. It’s giving me a little Douglas Adams feel, which is fun.

FIRST DAY ON EARTH by @misscecil Cecil Castellucci made me sad and happy for at least ten different reasons. I want to believe.

WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON by @realjohngreen and David Levithan is all kinds of awesome and LOL funny. Read it!

BOY TOY by @barrylyga really messed me up. Utterly unputdownable. Can’t type. Can’t think. Can barely focus my eyes.

YOU AGAINST ME by Jenny Downham. Devastating. Beautiful. I need a drink. @RandomHouseCA @randomhousekids 21 Jan

Finished TWISTED by @halseanderson Laurie Halse Anderson. So good. Couldn’t put it down. Had to remember to eat and pee. 20 Jan

Why did I wait so long to read NICK&NORAH? @rachelcohn So much fun to #readinasinglesitting 19 Jan

Just finished WITHER by @LaurenDeStefano . Beautiful and evocative. Evokes THE HANDMAIDS TALE a bit, but in a good way. Like Atwood=good 19 Jan

FLYING FEET by @McCannJames an @orcabook sports book. Surprisingly visceral for “hi/lo” and actually quite scary. I wanted more. 18 Jan

Just finished HAVEN by @Kristi_Cook . Fun read! Can’t say more due to spoilers but I liked it more than.. ;-) Less whiny – more kick ass 17 Jan

GRACE by Elizabeth Scott @escottwrites Tight and tense. A challenge to follow and maybe a little obscure for my taste but beautiful writing 16 Jan 

@AGSmith_Author LOCKDOWN:ESCAPE FROM FURNACE was so f-ing good. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Dark, wild and unputdownable!!!

EVERMORE by @alysonnoel Pretty hard to put down, towards the end especially. High School+mystery+magic+hot guy+angst=fun read!

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by @bethrevis. Took a few chapters but crept up on me. Turned into a real page turner. Nice duel POV. YA+scifi=YES!

GIRL PARTS by @johnmcusick. Yes, oh yes. Funny, sweet and sexy. A rare instance where omniscient POV is not annoying. YA+male authors=win.

DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver…not so much. This felt like a premise in search of a plot. Lots of description, a tepid romance…meh

@LucyCAuthor Just stayed up all night reading STOLEN. Wow, just , wow.

Holy crap STOLEN by Lucy Christopher. What a great book. I’ve been up all night.

u think?

10 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday – January Books

  1. Oh wow, great list! A few people I know have raved about Veronica Roth’s book and I’ve read reviews of a few others you’ve mentioned – Nick & Norah, Delerium and Girl Parts. I’d definitely pick up another book by Laurie Halse Anderson. I adored Speak so I think I’d enjoy her other books just as much.

    Thanks for mentioning all these! I’ll keep an eye out for them.

  2. Holy crap you must be a lightening-fast reader! So jealous of your speed reading skills.

    I have to say that I felt similarly about DELIRIUM in some ways. The writing was gorgeous, but the whole thing didn’t feel entirely believable to me, and maybe that was partially due to the tepidity…

    STOLEN was one of my favorites from last year, and I can’t stop recommending it to people.

    Great picks!

    1. I do read very fast. Many of these books I read in one day, or even in one sitting. That’s one of the things I love about YA, is that the books tend to be a little shorter. DANCE WITH DRAGONS was WAAAAAYYYYY too long.

  3. I have read Bruiser, Will Grayson and Twisted. Both my friend and I were looking at Lockdown, but it looked sort of weird, and I always judge books by their covers (and backs/ jackets, but you get the gist). Good to know!

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