So, a little something different this Tuesday, but first my big announcement.

Let’s start by telling you about a great Canadian publishing house, ORCA BOOKS. Orca is one of the most successful independent publishers in Canada. They specialize in books for young readers but are branching into adult literature too. They publish more than 60 books a year and are continuously growing with a fantastic international distribution program. Their books can be found in bookstores, schools and libraries, in multiple languages, around the world. I’ve admired Orca for many years and read dozens of their books. I’ve plugged them a number of times on this page.

All that admiration has apparently paid off because yesterday I sat in their office in Victoria and SIGNED A TWO BOOK DEAL WITH THEM! My verse novel AUDACIOUS will be published by them in Fall 2013, with the sequel tentatively titled CAPRICIOUS coming out Fall 2014.

Thank you Kris Rothstein and Carolyn Swayze from the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency for negotiating a great deal, allowing me to write a sequel and thanks to Sarah Harvey and Andrew Wooldridge, from Orca Books for just being awesome. They gave me a bunch of books that I will review and celebrate with a giveaway once I get time to read them.

So anyway, needless to say, I don’t have much brain space left to think about a post for Terrific Teen Tuesday, so I’ve decided to go with Terrific Tot Tuesday and share this video of an awesome dad and his teriffic tots rocking out their take on Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts”. You kids (and dad) are TERRIFIC!


  1. A great big Congratulations!! This is indeed a huge announcement. I am from BC and Orca Books is a highly regarded publisher. I too have read many of their qualitybooks. I also know they are very particular as to who they publish, so this is a mega feather in your hat! Should you find yourself in vancouver promoting your books, let me know and I will be sure to attend. I am sooooooo happy for you.

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