Road Trip Wednesday – Shiny New Ideas

I’ve been kidding with people for a while that “Troll-Love” is going to be the next big thing. I mean we’ve had vampire-love, werewolf-love, angel-love, devil-love, faerie-love (the spelling is critical here), immortal-love (which is always weird because usually the guy is about a thousand years old and the girl is 16 – ick) and mermaid-love. So troll-love is obvious right?  In this spirit I jotted down the word “trollogy” the other day, tittering at my cleverness.  A romantic trilogy about troll love, how cute, thought I.

This is where we get to the happy ending to this story. I always ALWAYS start with Amazon when I have a shiny new idea. And guess what I found: TROLLOGY by Steve Barlow. Now apart from the horrendous lost opportunity of this not being the title of a trilogy about trolls, I concede this book looks pretty cute. It’s a middle grade adventure though, not a YA paranormal romance. So much for troll-love.

I don’t worry about ideas. Nothing I’ve written is strongly “idea” driven, “high concept” as we used to say in the screenwriting biz. Sometimes when I start writing something, I don’t even HAVE an idea.  My verse novel AUDACIOUS (did you hear I signed a two book deal on Monday?) started out with the premise “a semi-autobiographical YA verse novel”. My current WIP is hardly an original concept (come to think of it, it’s practically troll-love) but I hope I’m bringing something new to the table.

Also, ideas are a dime a dozen for me. I have pages and pages of ideas. I have enough ideas to write two books a year for the rest of my life.

However, part of my writing process is to read what’s out there in the same vein. So I start with Amazon. I Google. I certainly don’t get attached to a great title. I want to avoid the tropes in particular, but also see how other authors approach a genre. I’ve been reading a lot of dystopian, because originally I thought my WIP might be dystopian. But it’s turning out to be more apocalyptic, so I’ll be looking at things like THE WAY WE FALL by Megan Crewe to get an idea of how authors are handling this.

The main thing is to try avoid what has been trending for a few years. Dystopian is OVER people. Angels are OVER. VAMPIRES are soooooo OOOOOOVVVEEERRRRR!

For now. All these things will come back. No idea is ever really done.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday – Shiny New Ideas

  1. Congrats on the book deal! I agree that certain topics are over or pretty darn close to over, so it’s probably not wise to be peddling a story that has sparkly vampires or something in it. That being said, if it’s the story that you are passionate about, I say give it a whirl and see where it goes. But. Always have foremost in your mind the reality that the time for your story may have already passed. I won’t even pick up a vampire novel now in the wake of Twilight mania. I still have yet to finish Claudia Gray’s Evernight series for this reason (even though the books are sitting right behind me on the shelf). I’ll get to it someday, but probably once the dust is good and settled from the Sparkly Saga.

  2. Wow! First congrats on the book deal 😀
    Troll love story – that sounds….hmmm…intriguing…You are right about the stories coming back, it´s a circle. If the story close to somebody´s heart is a story about vampires, maybe it won´t sell right now but it does not mean it may not get a chance in the future…

  3. Congrats on your book news. That is awesome. I think that even if two writers start with a similar idea the end result will always be different.

  4. Big congratulations on the two-book deal! That’s very awesome! (also loved how you humbly stuck that in there among the rest of the prose like it was no big deal.. haha.. big deal)

    I agree that dystopian, werewolves, vampires, etc. are over. I’d love if trolls became the next big thing – though my book contains Boogeymen, and Sandmen, so I’m hoping that too will be the next big thing.

    It’s good to search Google and Amazon when you first get an idea, or think of a title. I do that too, and I’m not too surprised if the first idea I get has been done. It means I have to stretch myself and really try, which is good for any creative person.

  5. Congrats on the book deal! Yay for you!!! 🙂

    I totally agree that the whole similar idea thing is really relegated to high concept. How many stories would we say are “coming of age” stories? Tons. And yet, they’re all unique and driven by intriguing characters so they come out totally different.

  6. Yeah, that vampire publishing insanity annoys me. My poor vampire novel will have to wait for things to calm otherwise I might send people loopy trying to query it. 😦 And it’s not even romance but I doubt it would even have a chance.

    I love the troll idea. We need some new mythical beasts lurking around in YA. Ones that aren’t well known.

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