Terrific Teen Tuesday – Rachel Mwanza

It’s Tuesday again, and after last week’s ultra-negative rant against craptacular teachers, I thought perhaps something a little more heartwarming. Something with a little Canadian Content too, which is always good, especially if I ever apply for government funding.

So, this story has a little bit of everything; it’s Canadian, it’s got a francophone Vietnamese angle, it’s got Africa (the Congo to be specific), it’s got homelessness, it’s got Berlin (all good stories have a bit of Berlin), it’s got Jake Freakin’ Gyllenhaal for dog’s sake.

Rachel Mwanza, 15, won the best actress award at the Berlin Film Festival for her work in Montreal film maker Kim Nguyen’s film War Witch (French title  Rebelle). Look at this lucky girl accepting her award from Jake G.

Fifteen years old, people! Rachel, given what you had to overcome before you even took on what sounds like a  monumentally hard role, you are truly TERRIFIC.

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