Road Trip Wednesday – February BOOK TWEETS

For this week’s Road Trip Wednesday,  YA Highway asks what was the best book you read in February?

Compared to last month when I read 20 books, this month has been a bit pathetic. I only read six books. That’s a terrible total for me and my only excuse is that I’ve been writing quite a lot (about 50,000 words this month). So anyway, I’ve tweeted every book and I’ve liked them all. Oh, and I signed a book deal this month, so that’s something. Anyway, here are the books:

LOVE YOU HATE YOU MISS YOU BY @escottwrites Sad and deep. Kind of depressing, but hard to look away.

Just finished LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by @naturallysteph – So sweet and sexy

Just finished PERFECT by @EllenHopkinsYA . Perhaps I finally really understand her genius.

WHAT I WAS by @megrosoff Gorgeous writing, suspenseful, romantic. UK writers seem to have a whole other approach to YA that I really dig.

FOREVER by @mstiefvater Nice conclusion to a great trilogy. Loved how the series evolved. Go Wolves!

HUNGER by @JackieMorseKess – “why didn’t I think of that” premise. Doesn’t pull punches about anorexia. Nice mix of contemp& paranormal-WIN!

I think my favorite might have been LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR. Perhaps because I just got back from a visit to San Francisco, where it is set, but I had a lot of fun reading this book. And I think with all the dark and deep writing I’m doing, I needed  break, something a little lighter, but still with enough substance to keep me interested. Go LOLA!

9 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday – February BOOK TWEETS

  1. Congrats on your book deal! That’s awesome! I too read a small amount of books this month. I’m glad February is over!

    I have heard so much about Lola but refused to add it to my to-read list because I’m not a fan of the cover. Petty, I know. I have officially added it as of now! I need to know what the fuss is all about!

    1. I know. The covers suggest a level of prissiness that just isn’t there. ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS even has an F-bomb! And there’s plenty of talk of sex, and lots of off screen sex too. And even some drugs.

  2. You are so impressive with your all the books you read and then just throwing in that you got a book deal. lol I’d be a whole lot more loud about that. Congratulations, Gabrielle! You deserve them!

    I think I might get Lola and give it a read. Thanks for sharing all these fantastic books. 🙂

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