Terrific Teen Tuesday – Bully and the Bad Bad Words

Maybe you’ve all heard that a teenage Katy Butler is behind the changes in the rating for the documentary BULLY which opened in theaters recently. Originally rated R (for profanity) with a small tweak from the film-maker the film has scored a PG13 rating. What Katy and her supporters hope this means is that teenagers will go to see this movie with their friends, rather than having to go with their parents (what teen wants to do that?).

There’s something really beautiful about what Katy achieved. She saw a problem, maybe not an Earth shattering one, but something that didn’t sit right for her. She proceeded along a well trodden path – a petition – and gathered support via persistence and word of mouth, never straying from her very modest goal. It reminds me of the time my husband wanted to change the parking regulations on our street. It reminds me of that wonderful moment in Bowling For Columbine when a K-Mart representative comes out and tells Columbine shooting survivors Mark Taylor and Richard Castaldo that K-Mart will phase out the sale of handgun ammunition. It reminds me of all those issues, both large and small, that someone decides they just won’t accept. And they do something about it. That’s what really matters. Doing something.

You’re terrific Katy.

Here’s the thing that gets me though. I’ve commented on profanity on this blog before (and I probably will again) so…well…IN THE FREAKING PG13 RATED HUNGER GAMES SOMEONE SKEWERS A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL! Urgh. That felt good.

Seriously how can our priorities be so fucked up that this sentence would get a stricter rating than a whole book about murdering children?

Just because I’m in a ranty mood, can I say something about the Most Challenged Books List? There is so much to love about this list that I hope to make one day but today let’s talk about the logical problems with challenging an non-illustrated novel like BRAVE NEW WORLD for “nudity”. I mean…I just…sigh. Are we really worried about written descriptions about body parts?

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