Trans Pacific Soccer Ball

There nothing especially terrific about this week’s teen, Misaki Murakami, whose soccer ball was found  in Alaska after being washed away in last years’s Japanese tsunami. Murakami seems to be a normal boy, well, except he survived an earthquake and tsunami, I suppose that’s pretty terrific, for him anyway.

But I love this story. I’m sure soccer balls wash out to sea everyday, but how many of them are signed by school children, making them easily identifiable? And how many wash away in horrific natural disasters? And how many are found by kindly Alaskan radar technicians who just happen to be married to a person who can read the writing on the ball? The whole thing is an ad for sporting goods waiting to happen. The Mad Men couldn’t have dreamed up something better.

Anyway, Misaki Murakami, I know you only did what any sensible teen would do and ran like hell to high ground, but you’re terrific anyway. Congratulations on surviving, and on getting your soccer ball back.

2 thoughts on “Trans Pacific Soccer Ball

  1. Yes, it’s great that he AND his soccer ball survived. I have a friend who was caught in a huge flood a few years ago. He had over a thousand dollars stashed in a tiny safe box that he stored in his garage of all places. Well, the storm hit and water washed it away. he got a call a few weeks later. Some guy two towns away found the safe box in a nearby stream. I guess this teaches two things: the power of water, and the warm and fuzzy realization that there are still some honest folks!

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