Terrific Teen Tuesday – BULLY and the BIG BAD LAWSUIT

Let’s face it, bullying is really a young person thing. I know adults bully and get bullied, but for most decent people, by the time we reach our thirties we’re just too damn tired to bully anyone, or to care when someone is being an a$$hole. When you’re an adult, you can often walk away. Sometimes you can’t, and we strive to have programs in place (restraining orders for example) that give the victims of adult bullying some form of protection.

All too often, that protection or that escape is not available to young people. They are trapped in zoos with the zookeepers claiming to have no power over 95% of the horrible things that kids do to each other. In the real world, the adult world, these bullies would lose their jobs and have no friends. In many cases they would be sued. Yes, sued, for libel, defamation, breach of contract, sexual harassment and any number of other things.

I have suggested before that children behave immaturely because of the way we treat them. If children are treated like adults, they will learn to behave like adults. So what better way to send a message to high school bullies than by treating them as an adult would be treated under the same circumstances. This is just what Alex Boston and her parents are doing. They are suing Alex’s bullies for libel, defamation and identity theft (the bullies created a fake and offensive Facebook page in Alex’s name). I hope these filthy mouthed little teenaged muck slingers grow up fast as a result of being sued. I hope they have to shell out all their babysitting money and then some. Welcome to the real world mean girls.

Alex Boston, you are terrific.

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