Terrific Teen Tuesday – YA Saves!

This past weekend, when William Hickman found himself in a life threatening situation he did what any terrific teen should, he asked himself “What would Bobby Pendragon do?” William, remembering his fictional hero’s many dangerous escapades, kept himself feet first in the river current and aimed for the bank. He was able to grab onto a rock just meters before being swept almost certainly to his death over a 100 meter waterfall.

Really, that William survived his ordeal is a testament to the skill and dedication of his rescuers as much as anything else. They worked for over eight hours in the cold and dark to bring William to safety, even camping out with him once he was lifted from the river, because it was too late to hike out of the forest. What an adventure!

William, on the other hand, gets a big thumbs up for keeping his cool, thinking fast and being a boy who reads! On ya, William. You’re terrific!

2 thoughts on “Terrific Teen Tuesday – YA Saves!

  1. Wow! I love Pendragon, and I remember that scene!

    When I was a kid up through my high school years, I read a lot of “survival” MG and YA. While I don’t think I’d survive the Hunger Games, I’m sure I could draw on random stuff picked up from years of reading + years of Girl Scouts and be all right in the wild for a while.

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