Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays – THE SISTERS EIGHT

For Marvelous Middle Grade Monday This week I’m thrilled to present a guest post by Lucy (aged 8) who is reviewing the SISTERS 8 series by Lauren Baratz-Logsted with Greg Logsted and Jackie Logsted

Full disclosure (Mom said I should say that): I didn’t read Annie’s Adventure (book 1) although Mom says I did a couple of years ago and I don’t remember it. And I did not read Rebecca’s Rashness because I couldn’t find it at the library but I do know her power. But I’m not going to  tell you.

This series is very awesome. READ IT. The author is Lauren Baratz-Logsted with Greg Logsted and Jackie Logsted. Jackie Logsted is the daughter of Lauren and Greg.

It’s about eight sisters whose parents disappear on New Year’s Eve and each of the eight has to discover her gift and her power each month, starting in January and ending in August. Here are the Eights: Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marissa, Petal, Rebecca, and Zinnia. They each have a cat. The cats are Zither, Anthrax, Dandruff, Greatorex, Jaguar, Minx, Precious and Rambunctious.

Annie takes care of the house. Durinda cooks.  Georgia can be annoying. Jackie is the fastest. Marissa is the sensible one. Petal always worries. Rebecca has lots of energy and Zinnia thinks she can talk to cats. There is a loose stone in the drawing room where they find the first note. They find one note each time one of the eights finds her gift or her power. The first note said that “you have to each find your gift and your power and when the last eight finds her gift or her power you will start to find out what happened to your parents.”

I like this series because it’s a mystery and I like mysteries. I read them really fast and then I got sad because I finished them already. And now I need to read a new series like the 39 Clues.

Lost Girls Chapter Book #1 (Disney Fairies)This week I’m choosing a book for “I can’t wait to read” and it’s called Never Girls #1: In a Blink by Kiki Thorpe. Here’s what Goodreads says about it: The smell of salt water, a gust of seabreeze, and the bell-like ringing of a fairy’s laugh are the only hints that something magical is happening to Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby. In a blink of an eye, the four friends are whisked out of their ordinary lives to the most wonderful place of all–Never Land, home to fairies, mermaids . . . and now four lost girls. The girls don’t want to leave right away, but Queen Clarion and Tinker Bell have figured out a way for them to get home. Will Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby’s fantastic adventure end before it’s barely begun?

Guest Blogger, Gothic Zombie Lucy (8)

Mom’s going to try to Netgalley it for me so I can read it on her Kobo or my Kobo because I am getting one for Christmas maybe.

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5 thoughts on “Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays – THE SISTERS EIGHT

    1. Thanks so much Lauren. Lucy is obsessed with the Sisters 8 and her face lit up when she saw your comment. And her friend is reading the books too, and her other friend (they are twins!). (She wanted me to tell you that. She’s standing right next to me.)

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