Road Trip Wednesday – Goals for 2013

YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday asks the question this week: What are your goals for the New Year—for reading, writing, or other?

I had big plans to begin my New Years writing resolutions right. You know, set times at my computer, keeping away from Twitter and Facebook. Finishing SOMETHING.

Then January 2 I was hit with the worst cold virus I have ever had in my life. IN MY LIFE people. I have been in bed for nearly a week. WITH A FREAKIN’ COLD. It’s not to be born.

Nevertheless, I shall begin my new year a week or two late. It’s only a week or two, right?

2012 was a tough year for me. A great year, but a tough one. My first book in ten years came out, WICKET SEASON, I sold a two book deal on my verse novel AUDACIOUS, and another sale with the same publisher, Orca Books. That’s all good. But we started renovating our house and that has not been that great. It has been more expensive and taken three times as long as we were promised. Although the end result will be great, it’s going to cost us. The personal cost to me is that I’ve had to go back to teaching part time to try to pay some bills. This sucks. Not that I don’t like teaching, I do. But the money is not that great and it takes away from my writing. Even though writing money is sometimes not that great either, it’s still the best money I’ve ever made from anything.

A teaching interferes with parenting too. My daughter has had to cut back on her after school activities because I’m not around to take her to them. Nor can we afford them, to be honest. Still we have a beautiful, comfortable home in the best city in the world. And I have my health. Well, I will, in a few days, I hope.

2013 is going to be tough. I’m teaching again, AND working on a deadline. The sequel to AUDACIOUS has to be submitted this fall. Given that it took me three years to write AUDACIOUS, I’m a little worried. Hence my resolution for this project.


Difficult. Not impossible.

I have two other YA projects that I think are worth pursuing. Both about 75% away from being first draft. The 75% mark is my kryptonite. I have abandoned more books that I care to admit at about this point, only to come back to them months or even years later and finish them. For once I would like to finish a book in a reasonable time scale. It shouldn’t take longer than three months for a first draft. Really. It shouldn’t


Before the genre I’m writing in goes out of style.

I have a book coming out this fall. There will be promotional commitments. I need to get real about this. That means a new website, book launch, signings. Writers these days can’t leave it up to their publishers. We need to take the reins of our careers. I have much work to do in this regard – much to learn.


I’m not sure what this will entail. I’ll have to make it up, to a certain extent, as I go along.

Finally I have two polished middle grade drafts ready to go. My agent is shopping one. We’re sitting on the other for the time being. I have to decide what I’m going to do with regards to these. My objective is a publisher for both of them, but could I self-publish? I’m kind of curious about self-publishing and wonder whether it might be the time to check it out.


So, huge year. Huge. I have some other writing resolutions, more having to do with the actual WAY I write that I will share tomorrow. Suffice it to say, that once I shake this effing cold, I’m going to be a very busy lady.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday – Goals for 2013

  1. Wow, Gabrielle–you have a really busy time of it this year! And a stinking cold to boot. 😦 I hope you shake the cold soon so you can get on with life. I wish you all the best for the year, as much potential pressure and stress it seems to hold for you… I hope you are able to enjoy it, and see some wonderful things happen both for your writing and your family. 🙂

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