I’m over the moon excited to show you all my new book cover for my upcoming science fiction YA novel, Zero Repeat Forever. Here it is in animated gif form:


Zero Repeat Forever comes out from Simon & Schuster in September 2017. You can read more about Zero Repeat Forever here.



  1. *Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read it* I have no words to explain my love for this book. I cried, I laughed, I felt as if I was apart of the story. You get so many amazing reviews and mine is probably not very important but I have so many questions about the book!! Why are the Nahx on Earth? Why can’t he speak but he understands? How is Raven and Tucker not dead? What did Raven understand at the end of the book? What even happened at the end of the book?! Im so confused and in desperate need of a sequel, I’m not sure if you have plans to write another book but I really want to know what happens to Raven, Topher, August, and frankly the whole world~ (idk if this posted twice i’m struggling to figure out this website)

    1. Hi! I did get your comment a few times but that’s ok! You’ll get answers in the book I’m writing now. In the meantime, maybe you could start a discussion thread somewhere with other fans of the book. I’d love to see that! Thanks for your kind words. It’s always great to know that people enjoyed my book!

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