Collage Poetry

006Gabrielle conducts a popular “Collage Poetry” exercise with groups of all ages (younger groups will need teacher support during the exercise). The purpose of this activity is to have students explore the kind of messaging typical in magazine advertisements and how that relates to expectations of consumerism. The students then repurpose these messages into poetry. Sometimes affirming or encouraging, sometimes surreal and funny, these poems are always a hit and make attractive artwork for your classroom or for students to take home.

The teens were very engaged and enjoyed the collage poem exercise you had them do.  The poems were creative and engaging and I even recommended this exercise to other teachers and poets as a way to engage and help teens learn to create poetry. They also enjoyed hearing about your books, and about you personally.” Carol Welsh, Librarian, Toronto Public Library

The fee for this one hour workshop is $200 (in the Vancouver area. Other areas by agreement)  and includes your choice of one of Gabrielle’s books for your classroom or school library.

Materials required are:

1 pair scissors per four students (minimum)

1 discarded magazine per student (minimum. Women’s and fashion magazines are best but any magazine with advertisement works)

1 glue stick per four students (minimum)

Construction paper (two sheets per student)

Below are some collage poems completed during Gabrielle’s workshop:


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