Dear Polar Bears

Polar bears and penguins live in similar climates, but they never, ever meet. What if they had a party together?

The penguins of Antarctica write a letter inviting the polar bears of the Arctic to join them at the South Pole to celebrate their longest day of the year. But how will the polar bears get there? It’s such a long journey—will they make it in time? What will they bring? And what will happen when they arrive?

Dear Polar Bears combines a playful story of friendship with humorous imagery depicting the differences between Earth’s polar regions. With fun facts about penguin and polar bear species, the distance between the poles, and the summer solstice, this will be the most exciting party thrown by penguins you’ve ever attended.


“Cute, comical, and relatable to anyone who has traveled a long distance to visit someone…Cutler’s artwork entices all ages to read this book and, along with Prendergast’s fun facts, results in Dear Polar Bears’ being an enjoyable book that can be read over and over. Highly Recommended.” – CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Activity Sheets

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