If Pluto Was A Pea

If Pluto Was a Pea


Join two curious kids as they explore their backyard, and contemplate their place within our vast universe in this adorable picture book that’s full of comparisons to help kids understand cosmic size.

If Pluto was a pea…
the Sun would be like a tent,
Mercury would be a marble,
and Earth would be a golf ball.

Pluto is the smallest planet in our solar system, but how small is small? As it turns out, it only takes the contents of a lunchbox and a backyard to find out.


“…charming and educationally solid.” Quill & Quire

“Prendergast and Gerlings capture the children’s sense of wonder and relatable quest for adventure—both in their camping excursion and curiosity about galaxies beyond.” Publisher’s Weekly

“…a great book for teachers of older students to read when learning about the solar system…” YSBookReviews

“is an excellent picture book showcasing comparisons of our Solar System.” Newton’s Book

“This fascinating introduction to scale will help kids better understand the difference in sizes between the planets in our solar system.” Lazy Day Lit

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Published August 20th, 2019 from Margaret McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster

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