Pinch Me

Pinch Me Cover REVDarius Zaire can’t seem to wake up. And he really really wants to.

The planet’s biggest teen pop sensation, seventeen year-old Darius falls out of bed after another big night of girls, music and booze only to land on the cruddy floor of his old bedroom in his single mom’s crumbling townhouse. No mansion, no collection of luxury cars, no platinum records.

Worst of all—no Darius. Because before Darius Zaire was his sensational self, he was ordinary Darren Zegers, a not very popular, dyslexic band nerd who was crushing on Susan Koh and failing grade nine English. And now some kind of nightmare has erased everything that happened to change Darren the dweeb to Darius the multi-millionaire superstar. The years still passed, just not the glamourous ones he thought he’d had.

When his mom shoves Darius onto the school bus, he has to face an ordinary day in grade twelve, suffering through remedial English and wondering what has happened to the last four years, and all his fans and money. Darius desperately wants to wake up but as the day progresses he starts to worry that maybe this is reality and his other life was the dream.