Study Materials

I have study materials for a few of my books, plus some stand-alone stuff I’ve developed over the years. Feel free to use with your students or kids.

The below are from a newsletter idea I have been working on. These are the demos but feel free to use them. They are very short fiction or non-fiction pieces with comprehension questions, discussion/essay questions and a vocabulary list.

Writers to readers weekly2

Writers to readers weekly3

Writers to readers weekly4

Writers to readers weekly5

Writers to readers weekly6

Writers to readers weekly7 A Story by Paul Coccia

Narrative Verse Workshop This is the handout for a narrative verse workshop I have led many times. It could be used by teachers or self directed for teens or college students. Time permitting, I’d be happy to give feedback on any work. Use the contact button above.

Discussion Questions for Zero Repeat Forever Find the Book here

zrf paperback

For Pandas on the Eastside

panda cartoon and panda activity.

Panda Drawing activities:

Copy Picture Vector Illustration. Educational Game For Preschool
Copy picture vector illustration. Educational game for preschool kids

PDF for printing: panda on a bicycle

Vector kid educational game with easy game level for preschool kids education, finish the simmetrical picture using grid sells, the funny drawing kid school. Drawing tutorial for Panda.

PDF for printing: panda drawing

The book is here. 

Pandas on the Eastside best bets

Classroom activities for If Pluto Was a Pea 

Educational Coloring Page For Kids. Paint Color By Subtraction A
Educational coloring page for kids. Paint color by subtraction and addition numbers. Cute cartoon kawaii alien and UFO. Space theme. Vector illustration.

PDF for printing: Alien math

Copy The Picture, Spaceship
Copy the picture education game for children Spaceship

PDF for printing: Rocket

Find the book here.

If Pluto Was a Pea

Teacher’s Guide for Pinch Me  Find the book here.

Pinch Me Cover REV - medal