Zero Repeat Forever

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He has no voice, or name, only a rank, Eighth. He doesn’t know the details of the mission, only his duties. Protect his Offside. Let her do the shooting. There is something familiar about the humans, something affecting about the way they scream and fall, but Eighth can’t let that distract him. All he can do is follow his Offside and do what she tells him: kick down doors, tear locks open. He lives to make her happy.

Until a human kills her…

Sixteen year-old Raven has one summer as a camp counsellor to try to repair the damage she’s done to her life, to prove that she’s not just another mixed-race kid who has gone off the rails, to give her boyfriend, Tucker a chance to live up to his promises. But all those good intentions are lost when the terrifying armored Nahx invade, destroying the cities, taking control of half the planet. In their remote Alberta wilderness camp, Raven and her friends might be safe if they can just remain undetected, and find some way to survive the Canadian winter.

The UK English Cover

But then a Nahx kills Tucker…

Driven by vengeance and fear, Eighth and Raven cross paths in an unfamiliar world, a world forever changed by violent forces neither of them understands. They should hate each other. They should want each other dead. But their grief both draws them together and breaks them down, until all they have left is their shared goal – to get Raven and her friends out of the occupied zone, even though for Eighth, the journey means almost certain death.


“Detailed settings and swift action make this novel an edge-of-your-seat page-turner.” VOYA Magazine

“This intriguing novel set in Canada will meet all sci-fi lovers needs…A great story that will have readers 14 to adult turning pages and wanting more.” Calgary Herald

“Teens will love the pace and dialogue.. readers will be sucked into humanity’s struggle to survive and the Nahx’s all too focused efforts to ensure that it doesn’t.” School Library Journal September 2017

“…a gripping novel, complete with a slow build and a gut-punch of a finale that hooks you in and doesn’t let up.” Culturefly

“The main character Raven is so complex and intricate. Prendergast has woven a true, real young teenager in the character of Raven which is this books biggest strength. She makes mistakes and gets frustrated, she’s angry and sad and in love all in one.” The Kindred Reader

“Balls to the walls badass” Write, Edit, Read, Repeat

“…there is poetry to this story, hence my comparison of this novel to an arthouse film in book form. Jarring, raw shots of scenes, each one a window into the hearts of two sentient creatures who find themselves on opposing sides of a planetary invasion.” Alexa Loves Books

“Apocalypse for the win” Reading with Rendz

“The story is strongly driven by well thought-out characters who are not always likeable but nonetheless striking in their complexity. We are given a look at humanity that’s been peeled back a few layers due to trauma, loss, and heartbreak.” She Turns Pages

“…readers will be sucked into humanity’s struggle to survive and the Nahx’s all too focused efforts to ensure that it doesn’t.” School Library Journal

“The story is not a soppy sci fi romance…What we have is a bleak but also character driven survival tale with a very beating heart at the center.” Online Eccentric Librarian

“I am in love with this book.” Minamac Reviews

“Prendergast is a talented sci-fi writer – her world building is impeccable, her character development is complex, and her pacing is spot on.” Quill & Quire.

“There’s something eerie and complicated about this book, about the story of Eighth and Raven.” Me On Books

“HOLY. SH*T. YOU GUYS. There are not enough words to properly describe how much I LOVED this book! And the more time that passes, the more I love it. I can’t get it out of my head. I thought about it all day the following day after I finished it. I just can’t stop thinking about it! It’s really gotten under my skin in a way that not many books do.” Novel Heartbeat

“It really caught me off guard how intensely emotional it was, and how much it would affect me. The writing style was addicting in a gut-wrenching way; full of intensity and rage and sadness.” She Turns Pages

Zero Repeat Forever comes out August 29, 2017 from:

Simon & Schuster USA/English

Simon & Schuster Canada/English

Simon & Schuster UK/English

Oceano Spanish

Intrinseca Brazil/Portuguese

Dogan Egmont Turkish

Brilliance Audio Book


3 thoughts on “Zero Repeat Forever

  1. I read constantly, preferably good books, but I will literally read anything. The Milian Dialogues or Superman comics, if it has words, I absorb them as if they are necessary for survival. Fortunately for OCD readers like myself, occasionally a book comes along that breaks through the alphabetical numbness and reaches not just the heart, but the soul. Zero Repeat Forever touched my soul. You said the book was important to you. The book is important, period. To make us examine what we consider to be ‘human’ in such a fundamental way is important. My only slight critique would be; please, love, don’t make us languish for 6 years for the next Nahx tale, if at all possible. But if it is, I will be waiting, always repeat forever. Thank you!

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