1000 Views, #YA Matters and a Secret Cover

So I’d love to share with you the cover art that Lorimer sent me today for Wicket Season but I’ve been told I can’t post it until it’s been finalised! Stay tuned. I think they’ll let me post it next week. I just wanted to say it far exceeds my expectations. I’m excited beyond all reason, in fact.

I also got proofs for my article in Appleseeds Magazine, again with no art yet. But the article looks cool. It’s about Vikings!

Next I want to point you to this excellent article about why YA Matters by Andrew Karre at Hunger Mountain. I might expound on this in a future blog post. YA does matter very much though, let me just say that, and point you back to a few previous of my posts on this issue here and here.

Finally, someone today, and I wish I knew who they were so I could give them a turkey or something, clicked the 1000th view on this blog. Yay!  Thanks for all your support people. It’s been super fun the past few months. I hope to be able to offer plenty of insight and information about reading and writing in the months to come.

Let’s finish with a shameless plug for Betsy Lerner. She has a wickedly funny and pithy blog that all writers should subscribe to, just because it’s so twisted and random, but with frequent insights into the life of an agent and the publishing world in general.

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