Book Tweets

I’ve done a lot of reading this week. A LOT (not “alot”, which is in fact this kind of creature).  

And after this week of contention on the blogs about bad reviews and snarky authors I’d certainly like to throw a real flaming cannonball at someone, but in reality, everything has been pretty good. Here’s how I tweeted it:

YOU AGAINST ME by Jenny Downham. Devastating. Beautiful. I need a drink. @RandomHouseCA @randomhousekids 21 Jan

Finished TWISTED by @halseanderson Laurie Halse Anderson. So good. Couldn’t put it down. Had to remember to eat and pee. 20 Jan

Why did I wait so long to read NICK&NORAH? @rachelcohn So much fun to #readinasinglesitting 19 Jan

Just finished WITHER by @LaurenDeStefano . Beautiful and evocative. Evokes THE HANDMAIDS TALE a bit, but in a good way. Like Atwood=good 19 Jan

FLYING FEET by @McCannJames an @orcabook sports book. Surprisingly visceral for “hi/lo” and actually quite scary. I wanted more. 18 Jan

Just finished HAVEN by @Kristi_Cook . Fun read! Can’t say more due to spoilers but I liked it more than.. 😉 Less whiny – more kick ass 17 Jan

GRACE by Elizabeth Scott @escottwrites Tight and tense. A challenge to follow and maybe a little obscure for my taste but beautiful writing 16 Jan 

Personally I think 140 characters is more than enough to express your feelings about a book. Thanks to all the authors who retweeted and/or replied/followed in response. And just so everyone knows, I’m not sucking up. If I don’t like a book, I still tweet, I just don’t send it to the author.

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