Terrific Teen Tuesday – Teens Who Rap

This is my first Terrific Teen Tuesday with a soundtrack:

When I was a high school student, among other writing that I did, I wrote song lyrics. I remember showing some of my lyrics to my classmates in creative writing class. Oddly enough, I did not show them to Mrs Crooks. Maybe I should have. Maybe that might have improved my grade.

These were, of course, days long before the internet. Artsy creative types like me mostly suffered in silence. I never met another kid who wrote lyrics until I started my band. Even then, the other members of Fall Down Go Boom mostly left the lyrics writing to me. To this day, I haven’t really gotten to know anyone who writes lyrics. Lots of musicians. Some songwriters but none with whom I’ve shared that sordid secret lyrics book I still have from my teen years. I mean I’ve shared MINE with people, but I’ve never seen THEIRS.

But it’s a different world now. The Internet, need I say more? Teenage bards have but to Google to find not only like minded people but also a forum for their words. I’m sure young writers still feel that sense of isolation that I felt, not just about being a lyricist but about all the writing I did. But it’s a big world out there now, and I’m so happy for the young writers, poets and lyricists that I know, that they can find like minded people so readily.

All this is a rather long winded introduction to this week’s terrific teen, Max Livant. Max recorded a hip hop album in his basement, with some buddies, just after he turned sixteen. His lyrics are sometimes deep and mature, sometimes bittersweet and witty, sometimes silly, sometimes cool. Probably none of his teachers care or even know about his gift, but I do.

Check out his YouTube videos here and listen his new single, Autumn, here.

Here’s a sample:

“The cloud water falls harder now, hits the roof
That’s why the rhymes are watered down, do I spit the truth?
An emptiness surrounds my chest, it feels dark and cold
Describe it as profound at best, I miss a feeling, a connection
Dreaming of affection, Autumn’s here
I fantasize about me being better
Someone there to keep me warm, I guess I’ll need a sweater
About to strip my shirt and go run into this liquid weather”

You’re terrific, Max.

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