Terrific Teen Tuesday: High School Student + Treatment For Cancer = WIN!

Seriously, what can I say about this awesome teen? Just out of curiosity, in grade nine, Angela Zhang started reading Post Doc level chemistry research papers. But she didn’t stop there. She wanted to try some of these things out, so she sweet talked her way into a professional research laboratory. But that wasn’t enough. She started thinking about the way certain compounds work and what they do when they when they are exposed to certain types of radiation. Long story short – she has invented a promising new treatment for cancer. Cancer, folks. A high school student, a teenager, has developed a treatment for cancer. That’s truly terrific.

Of course, like any new medical development, this treatment will have to go through years of clinical trials before we know whether it is effective  in humans. Animal trials have been promising, but if it turns out that Angela’s invention is as exciting a new development in the war on cancer as it looks like it might be,  I’m going to dance.

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